To Debating-mate

So I heard today is someone's birthday. Well, how could I not wishing him after knowing this special day will come just once in his year? Not twice, not even thrice. But could this wish turn the rain on his night to rainbow on his morning? 🌈 Well, let me give this a try. Bear with me, young man.

How many days till now since the last day we met? That it's been years now and so many things have changed throughout our days. But none of them we had chance to tell and share to each other. But does it matters ? Surely not, because it's not the connection between us is based on. You and I, different stories in different places. But if something happened to any of us, we care. That's all matters, I care. 

As for his birthday, I wish all the best and may Allah ease everything for him. He's a bright man and with the potential he got, I know he could go far in this life. Being a handsome and sexy doctor is one thing, but to be the one with high integrity and dedication to his work is another. I hope he could be the best doctor he could be once he got the title. More years to go, so keep striving and don't give up. Last but not least, happy birthday , debating-mate. Have a good day today!

With love, 

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